Just this past Friday our resident overlord Eden reviewed Beyond the Reach of the Flame, the new release by American death metal band MICAWBER, and he thought it “plays all the right moves” and “has this immense flow to it”. Well, today you get to hear exactly what he’s on about as we premiere an exclusive stream of the whole record before its May 25 release date! Check it out below, and read on about what to expect after the jump.

MICAWBER live up to every aspect of their description. This quartet from Green Bay, Wisconsin hits hard with death metal of the American variety, bursting at the seams with NWOAHM groove and classic U.S. thrash. There’s nothing particularly novel to their approach, but they don’t miss a beat with their execution. The grooves are pummelling, the tones menacing, the solos a shredfest and the shifts in tempo dynamic. The band straddles the line between death metal and tech death, whilst the occasional discordant chord progression and blast of tremolos adds a blackened touch at times.

“Starless Sky” is perhaps the best example of the band’s range of sound, as it starts with a simple enough groove before entering tech death territory with a flurry of notes and blasts. Hints of black metal influences come to the fore throughout the middle of the track before switching to a dark, lumbering riff reminiscent of ‘90s death metal. A rapid-fire solo and furious outro close off the track, the song serving as a great primer for what the record as a whole has to offer.

All in all, this is a solid record from front-to-back, with its sub 40-minute runtime ensuring it doesn’t overstay its welcome. If you like American-style metal then MICAWBER’s Beyond The Reach Of The Flame has you covered, blending a host of extreme metal influences into a cohesive whole that will have you grooving along in no time. Check out the band’s website to preorder and Facebook to get the latest news on upcoming tours.


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