Promise is a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about music, especially when we’re talking about younger or lesser known bands. But what do we mean by that? Is it an indication that something isn’t working today or that only in the future will this band be enjoyable? Not necessarily; while it’s sometimes the case that things aren’t really clicking and more polish is needed, often times “promise” hints towards something even greater that might be hiding in the core of a sound, an album or a band. This sort of promise enhances the listening experience in the present as well, infusing the music with some greater than the sum of its part, a sort of energy that runs towards it.

“Promise” is a very much a word we’d use when describing The Elephant Parallax‘s Loam & Sky, from which we are proud to premiere “Ohrei” today. The album is a sort of alternative metal via prog rock via psychedelic jams that has a very unique sound palette. It’s often fuzzy but refuses to lean on repetition and feedback to create its atmosphere, rather using more complex structures that might remind you of Pink FloydKing Crimson or The Mars Volta. Whichever you’ll choose, The Elephant Parallax’s type of progressive music is endowed with plenty of promise. There’s a sort of energy and drive there that keep us coming back for more, making the album one we’ve spun multiple times since we’ve gotten our hands on it.

So, head on down below for “Ohrei”, a really good signifier for things to come from this album. It has great synth tones, an overall catchy vibe and plenty of guitar lines to keep you hooked and coming back for more. Don’t forget to head on over to their Bandcamp once you’re done and pre-order the thing; you’re going to want to experience this promise for yourselves.


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