It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for emotional music. I listen to music to feel something and it doesn’t matter whether that something is good or bad. However, it’s also no secret that I tend to gravitate towards the darker side of the spectrum, often preferring melancholy to happiness, contemplation to joy and coldness to warmth. Luckily for me (and unluckily for those in my life that have to deal with my moods), there are plenty of bands out there who are more than happy to indulge my penchant for feeling depressed. One of these bands is Spurv, a fantastic post rock group from Oslo, Norway. They trade in the kind of classic post rock made famous by Mono and leaning heavily on those titans for inspiration. They’ve been around for a while and have made consistently convincing post rock in the interim of their career. Now, we’re proud to premiere “Et Blekt Lys Lyder” from their upcoming album Myra!


Take a second to collect yourself after this track. I’ve listened to the full album, out on June 1st and this is one of the heaviest hitters on it. The way the violins interact with the tremolo picking (which has Mono written all over it), the soft patter of the drums which picks up near the crescendo, how the track weaves easily into a larger hole and doesn’t overstay its welcome, all of these things make it an excellent and poignant piece. That last bit is also one of the most endearing facts about the album. Most of the tracks on it are relatively short and manage to convey their message without the sadly characteristic bloated pomposity of post rock. Instead, Spurv know what they want to say and say it well, with as little waste as possible.

So, overall, if you’re a fan of dark, brooding music with a tinge of hope, well founded in nature and its appeal (as the band themselves have told us, “The song is covered by cottongrass, water mirrors and fog”), then Spurv and their upcoming Myra should definitely be on your radar. Head on above to their Bandcamp and pre-order it!


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