There’s something in the water in Australia. Outside of crocodiles, naturally. The country produces quality extreme metal on the regular, and particularly in the realm of death metal has no shortage of premium artists, with recent releases from Portal and Grave Upheaval once again cementing the scene’s weird, overwhelming dominance. We can now add Depravity and their debut full-length record Evil Upheaval to that list of stalwart releases. From start to finish, this record absolutely rips, beating listeners into bloody submission with a brutal death metal assault that recalls the darkest sounds of Morbid Angel and the New York death metal scene, particularly Immolation and Suffocation. Before the album consumes the world later this month, we are incredible pleased to premiere the album’s final track, “Vile Defloration”, for you today. Death metal faithful, rejoice! Today is about to get a whole lot heavier.

Unlike the majority of the tracks on this record, which enter into your ear-space with the tempo and ferocity of a runaway locomotive, “Vile Defloration” opens with a little bit of atmosphere. Louis Rando’s drums pop and thunder with controlled urgency as Lynton Cessford and Jarrod Curly’s guitars create some spacy audio rumination. The track eventually evolves into something more epic, allowing each of the album’s instrumental elements (including Ainsley Watkins’ fantastic and understated bass play) to fill the track with a constantly building, ever-ominous intent. All of these elements of course come crashing down into the depths of fantastic death metal chuggitude as Jamie Kay’s vocals reign over the proceedings with all the command and ferocity one can rightfully expect from a record of this style. Not to be outdone, Depravity’s guitar section adds plenty of Slayer-inspired soloing to the proceedings, stuffing the track’s six-minutes to the brim with all of the abject filth a death metal lover could ask for, culminating in a grand finale that perfectly sums up the sounds and textures that make this a thoroughly enjoyable work of death metal destruction.

Australia’s death metal scene is certainly a thing to behold, and Depravity only serve to further solidify its position as one of the premium geographic centers of death metal domination. “Vile Defloration” is an excellent track from an excellent album and serves as another feather in the already over-stuffed cap of Transcending Obscurity Records. Evil Upheaval drops on April 30th, and is available for pre-order at the band’s Bandcamp page. Get on it.


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