A Light Within is a band I haven’t given enough love to; ever since we streamed their previous release on the blog, we haven’t really mentioned them and that sucks. These post metal experts have been around for five years now and make music that has “Eden Kupermintz” written all over it. It’s a kind of post metal that’s heavy in Junius influences, both in theme and style. The band are at the edge of their three part, conceptual masterpiece and expectations are high for the final installment. Thus, and as a way to atone for my sins of negligence, we’re proud to bring you “Page #9 (Shells)” from the upcoming, and aptly named EP, Epilogue. Head on down below for your first, crushing taste of this, their saga closer, and let’s meet afterwards for some words.

If you’ve read my musings on post metal and rock in the past, you know I’m a big fan of restraint. There’s something inherently extravagant and self-congratulating in these genres that makes bands feel like they can do whatever they want and let everyone have everything, all the time. The result are tracks that are all bluster and no punch. Not so here; listen to how the track starts off with high energies, fueled equally by the vocals and crashing chords, only to quickly rein them in with a middle passage that just goes on and shies away from catharsis. Instead, you get the ambient outro, which is sure to blend in with the next track in a pleasing matter. The only hint of a climax is the excellent transition from clean vocals to harsh, but we only get a few seconds of that as well.

The result is a track which is tantalizing. The power and impact are there but A Light Within keep them obscured, almost erupting but not quite. This keeps the listener engaged and paying attention, instead of just soak in the grandeur and then moving on. All in all, this is a promising first single from what is assured to be a great release. Epilogue sees release on February 2nd; watch this space for more news and thoughts as we get closer to the release.


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