Let me just go ahead and open by saying that no, I don’t think I’m going to get tired of progressive stoner/sludge metal in the foreseeable future. There’s been so much of it lately but I just can’t seem to get enough; something about the marriage of one of the slowest and filthiest genres of metal and one of its most flamboyantly technical just pierces me right to the core. Especially when it’s as good as Somnuri‘s upcoming release. Planned for November 10th, this debut release by a band which contains members of Hull, Blackout and Family (all bands you should check out right now), leans on the heavier sides of stoner and sludge to bring you a beast of a record. Don’t believe me? Check out the second track premiering from it right below!


Alright, let’s start with four minutes and nine seconds. Just do it. If that fucking riff doesn’t make you “god damn” and make the famous “stank” face, then you’re dead inside. It’s just that huge, guitar, bass and drums moving at a pace that’s more fit for a glacier but not one of those ephemeral, post rock glaciers. This one is a huge chunk of rotten ice (that’s a thing by the way and it’s super fucking metal) moving towards you at a speed which speaks less of ease and patience and more of a predator taking its time to get to its prey and finally finish them off.

The rest of the track is just as huge, all blistering leads and rampaging vocals. It’s got a little bit of HARK and Mastodon and YOB and it’s pissed off. Other passages on the album explore these heavier sides but also throw in a lot more chaotic segments, channeling elements of noise rock, mathcore and more. All of this and more make this is one of the more impressive debuts we’ve heard this year and you’d do yourself a great disfavour by sleeping on it. So don’t do that, you know? Head on over here to pre-order and spin “Inhabitant” a few million times before the full thing hits.


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