Sydney’s Polaris have quickly become one of Australian’s most promising acts. The melodic metalcore crew certainly aren’t reinventing any wheels, but the sheer vigour and precision songwriting they bring to those templates previously laid down by the likes of Architects and Periphery render them entirely refreshing nonetheless. The band have just announced their debut, full-length album, The Mortal Coil, which is set to be released in November, and if the two singles they’ve release off the album so far are anything to go by, it’s going to be an absolute rager.

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Their previous release, 2016’s The Guilt & The Grief EP, was already an incredibly accomplished release, but “Consume” takes things to a whole new level. The track showcases a lot more of the technical edge that has been hinted at on Polaris’s previous material, yet never truly come to fruition, up until this point. The track is still a frantic hardcore track at heart, however, and the band haven’t lost one iota of the conviction which drove their previous material, and vocalist Jamie Hails and lead guitarist Ryan Siew are given ample room to flex their musical muscles. They’ve also just released the brand new single “The Remedy” along with the announcement of The Mortal Coil, which showcases the more melodic side of their sound. Think The Here and Now-era Architects, with a slight nu-metal edge, but also actually really, really good.

Having filled a number of big-name support slots earlier this year, Polaris have forged themselves into an incredible live act and will be embarking on their first ever headline tour across Australia in the lead up to the album’s release. Hails especially is an outstanding and magnetic frontman and Siew has all the hallmarks of a young guitar hero. Polaris appear set to catapult themselves to the front of the Australian heavy music scene, and if they manage to capitalise on the momentum they’ve been building up over the last eighteen months or so they could prove utterly unstoppable.

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The Guilt & The Grief was re-released via Relapse Records earlier this year. You can purchase it and pre-order The Mortal Coil over at Polaris’s bandcamp page.


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