It’s been nearly two years since A Trust Unclean popped up with the fantastic Reality Relinquished EP, a UK tech metal release that didn’t suck, unlike a lot of the other Brit tech bands that began crawling out of the woodwork at the time. The band’s youthful energy, death metal upbringing and knack for finding grooves when others would simply stutter and chug kept them on my radar. Now with a brand new EP about to released by the mighty Basick Records, these likely lads bring forth even thicker grooves and more refined death influences with the fresh, fiery “Dominion Over Bone”. Peep it.

While I alluded to A Trust Unclean sounding like a new attempt at old Whitechapel (I still don’t know if that makes sense), the band have moved forward into parts populated by far craftier songwriting and much heavier music. Forthcoming release Parturition has the band firing on more cylinders than they should realistically have, sounding like the work of an act much further into their career. “Dominion Over Bone” is the first full track on the new spin and I’m bet you’ll agree it rips ass to shit.

I love the symphonic keys and synths that tinkle throughout, taking centre stage during the pre-breakdown of sorts where they plink and bleep into a monstrous final third. The bottom end grooves are back with a bang but A Trust Unclean don’t rely on these chug heavy moments nearly as much. The riffs and blasts meet all the modern metal criteria with careful nods to bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Veil of Maya (before they started to suck) and UK neighbours Nexilva (RIP?). The latter’s use of synths and sequencers stands beaten by the electronic elements on Parturition, outdone by a more stripped back approach allowing the metal to be the most bombastic part of this bands make up; the fancy new bits never reaching a point of over saturation while the bottom end barrage takes few prisoners. The rest of the EP is fantastic (na na na na na na) and I trust that anyone interested in this track will have a whale of a time burning through it. Evolution in sound is a beautiful thing to witness.

Parturition is out via Basick Records on June 2nd and can be preordered here. A Trust Unclean play several UK shows around this date so if you can, go mosh by gosh!


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