It’s your boy Matty here with some fresh as fuck, grooving new deathcore that doesn’t suck. Stop. Don’t breeze over this because of the dreaded “core” suffix, I can 100% vouch for A Trust Unclean and their sweeping, grooving jams; the type that Whitechapel used to dish out and should probably get back to soon. It’s no secret that a lot of deathcore style bands have been slowing things down to a snails pace (Black Tongue), either that or they are heading down a more symphonic route (Nexilva). While I have no beef with either of these trends, I have been itching for a deathcore band that deal primarily in technical passages and unruly grooves. Well, consider my itch scratched.

Four years after the release of their debut EP, Fragmenting Reality, these young mosh peddlers from Bicester in England (I don’t know where that is either, don’t worry) are in the final stages of gearing up for releasing their brand new five track, Reality Relinquished. I count myself blessed that I’ve been able to listen to it for a few weeks now as it is simply one of the most fun releases of this variety that I’ve come across in an age. Do you want stacked bass drops on top of blasts and sweep picking? Then what are you doing still reading this and not listening to “Perverse Agenda”? The equally hilarious tour video is more than a match for the wild, snappy grooves and aggression that is dished out in abundance.


Instead of tearing up the rule book and trying too hard to break from the “mould”, A Trust Unclean like to embellish the genre stereotypes that they seemingly grew up with. Some might go as far as calling it tech-death but I’d steer away from that branding as that word combination tends to conjure up images of lightning fast, guitar wankery over machine like percussion. Enjoyable from time to time but nowhere near as satisfying as the thick chugs and erratic leadwork on display here.

Reality Relinquished will be released on 7th August. Keep your eyes peeled and get the band on all the usual social media platforms. Good stuff, good lads, good times.


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