This week we talk mainly about Woe‘s show in Hamburg being cancelled due to them sharing a stage with Inquisition, who organizers think is NSBM. That’s a cool discussion, but for those of you who just want the news, I guess we have some stuff along those lines as well. New music and stuff from Exist, Suffocation, Dragonforce, Shadow of Intent, Jamiroquai, Artificial Brain, Tombs, Bestia Arcana. Also the mini-feud between ESP guitars and Linkin Park, and hologram Ronnie James Dio being a thing. Also the new Sikth album. Then cool people time on a bunch of TV and movie stuff. Prison Break, Ryan Reynolds, Cillian Murphy and more.

UPDATE: Since the time of the recording of this episode, more information has come to light from Woe. First off, and most importantly, the show was NOT cancelled by Hamburg Ist Droneburg as we had speculated initially but by the venue. The venue, Hafenklang, pressured the festival to pull Woe and Ultha’s show. Secondly, it appears we got the order of events wrong as Woe’s show alongside Inquisition took place after the said festival. This makes their adherence to the show even more impressive, as they could have easily cancelled the Inquisition show and denounced them. However, ideologically, they refused to buckle and chose to keep the Inquisition affiliated date.

Lastly, their tour mates are an excellent German black metal band called Ultha and you should all check them out right here! END OF UPDATE :)

76 – Nobody Expects The German Inquisition

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