Last week, I spent some time (re)introducing you to Canada’s Slyde, a young and returning band which produces fun, energetic and well made progressive metal. Some names, like Coheed and Cambria and Mandroid Echostar were tossed around, setting the bar pretty high for Slyde’s Back Again. Luckily, I now get to premiere the EP, enabling me to put my money where my mouth is; scroll down below to get your own taste of Slyde’s upbeat, intricate and high-octave prog!

There isn’t too much to add to my review, already a glowing recommendation, so I’ll just mention how well this album holds up with further listening. While it’s an EP, meaning there’s isn’t a whole lot of run-time, the fun and fresh elements replete on the release make it a joy to return to. The tracks, at first listen simple sounding and cavorting, reveal themselves to be more than meets the eye; little hints of synth which haunt a specific track, a few bass expressions or perhaps a vocal track or two you miss suddenly yield themselves as you play Back Again, well, again.

We’re extremely excited to see where Slyde is going next; they could be a promising new name in a scene that has a lot of momentum right now but which also needs fresh voices to make sure it stays on the right track. My money says to keep an eye on the Slyde name; for now, spin Back Again for those good prog vibes we all know and love.


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