Down for some avant-garde metal? Who isn’t? Well, Ashenspire definitely are, and I’m glad to bring you their new song, “Restless Giants”, from their upcoming debut Speak Not of The Laudanum Quandary. Seeing as they released the previous track from their album, “Mariners at Perdition’s Lighthouse”, more than a year ago, this premiere is especially joyous as its another opportunity to get ready for this interesting and unique release. This is a fun one, so strap in and just enjoy the ride.


Hailing from Glasgow, this four-piece combine theatrical and expressive vocals similar to Dodheimsgard with Leprous-esque introspective riffage, violin usage and much more to create an air of melancholy that is incredibly palpable. Light blackened elements are peppered with sweet bass lines and piano that help put it all over the top. While a lot of avant-garde bands go for a wacky texture, Ashenspire just embrace the ennui, which is amplified by the excellently shot and edited video showcasing urban desolation. The album is quite a journey, and it comes out on the 20th of January, so if any of this tickles your fancy, you can order it here. Enjoy!



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