Last week, we told you at length about Heid and their Alba, a moving blackened death/folk album which uniquely relies on Iberian mythology and folklore for its thematic roots. Today, we’re exceedingly proud to premiere a music video for the title track from that album. As we said in the review, it’s one of the best tracks to start from if you seek an understanding of what makes the band tick. From the powerful vocals, through the well crafted violin parts and all the way to the melodeath riffs, “Alba” is a perfect mix of everything Heid are trying to achieve on the album. The video focuses on the band performing but intersperses those images with landscape and, mostly, psychedelic characters resplendent in colorful, almost neon, body paint. Head on over below to catch if for the first time yourself!

As with the rest of the album, it’s an appreciable pleasure to see an independent band produce content of this caliber and style. The performance parts of the video are well shot and a do a good job maintaining the balance between the players’ performing and establishing the desired ambiance. Make sure you remember to pay attention to the singing, all in Spanish, and the points we raised during the review about the different sounds this vernacular reproduces. These touches can also be witnessed on the album itself, as some of the local mannerism and style of Heid come through in their production choices. All in all, this is a perfect track to accompany the recent release of the album, just two days ago! Remember to head on over here and get it as soon as you can. As always, we can’t wait to see what these guys can do with our community behind them. 


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