If you have checked Heavy Blog in the past day, you most likely would have seen an overwhelmingly positive review of the new Red Fang record, Only Ghosts. The record, released October 14th, shows the band at a much beefier, intricate level than they have ever been before. At times this means experimenting with new sonic textures, expanding beyond their stoner-sludge roots to incorporate a much deeper, more ambiance oriented sound. However, this does not mean that Red Fang has ditched their classic 1-2 punch of punk driven stoner-sludge, but rather enhanced it to merge with the more psychedelic leanings of their current material. The result is a record as diverse and consistent as it is ambitious and offers an exciting look into what the future may hold for the Portland natives and world renown heavy rockers.

Fortunately, the band has now given Heavy Blog an opportunity to premiere this new video of the band walking us through exactly what into the making of Only Ghosts. The video is a bit hefty at about 30 minutes, but offers a unique, candid look into the writing process in a huge sonic evolution for the band. It covers everything from the personal aspect of the record to how their producer influenced the record, capping off with a track-by-track breakdown of the record by the band themselves. The extra depth helps to showcase the far more careful writing process that drove Only Ghosts, and makes me genuinely believe that I just want to hang out with Red Fang sometime. If this video is any indication, they’re pretty laid back guys even when discussing a record that came off as a bit more emotionally challenging, so I doubt it’d be anything but a good time. You can check out the video at the link below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g-SmkMGacc?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Only Ghosts is available now and can be purchased via Relapse Records. 


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