We’ve always been big fans of New York’s Pyrrhon, but there’s simply no denying that they’re kicking out some of the most inaccessible, left-of-center material in the death metal world right now. Heavily inspired by free-jazz and harsh noise, most fans of death metal’s classic material have often been a little too intimidated by what these Brooklynites have been spewing out over the past five years. Now with three-quarters of Pyrrhon’s lineup, Seputus is here with a slightly more approachable sound, but it’s still got plenty of nightmare-inducing moments.

Seputus is comprised of every current member of Pyrrhon except guitarist Dylan DeLila (who is still keeping busy with his own solo material), and is much more in line with the caustic and swirling death metal of the past decade. In a lot of ways “The Fist That Makes Flesh” feels like Bolt Thrower thrown into a blender with the likes of Deathspell Omega and Ulcerate. It’s got some completely unpredictable twists and turns, loads of cavernous dissonance, and tons of speed. While things do feel a bit more polished than their previous releases with Pyrrhon, it’s still going to send plenty of the genre’s oldheads running for the hills. But that’s exactly what’s made this group of musicians so special: their fearless attitude towards music and constant innovation.

Seputus is gearing up to release their first LP, Man Does Not Give, on October 21st through PRC Music, and “The Fist That Makes Flesh” is really about all the proof that you’ll need for seeing that this is going to be one of the month’s must-have pieces of extreme music. Make sure to check back in with us in a few weeks, we’ll inevitably be gushing about it with a full review very soon!



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