Obscene – The Inhabitable Dark

There are many cornerstone elements that congeal to make metal the incredible music it is. I think about the punishing drum work, guitar-based pyrotechnics, growled/screamed/wailed vocals, distorted tones, and aggressive themes that pervade some of metal’s most celebrated releases. But even this description, however generic it may be, is fraught…

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Hour of Penance – Misotheism

  There’s often a lot of emphasis on the best death metal being progressive or technical – especially around these parts; And often the best death metal is the most progressive and/or technical. Yet, also often, it’s easy to loose sight of what made death metal so appealing in the…

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Gatecreeper – Deserted

It’s been a good while since death metal has seen a significant pull toward mainstream recognition. The genre’s heyday is rife with stories of monetary success and cultural recognition (just look up the histories of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Morbid Angel for vindication), but more recent iterations of death metal…

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Death’s Vault // Master – On the Seventh Day God Created… Master

Last week we premiered the outstanding “Stand Up and Be Counted” from Master’s forthcoming thirteenth full-length Vindictive Miscreant. Now we take a look back at their long-forgotten second album, On the Seventh Day God Created… Master (1991)—a hidden gem, buried among some of death metal’s finest and most foundational records.…

Extremity – Coffin Birth

In trying to find explanations for how so many things in our world are unique and yet able to be categorized by our minds – such as, for instance, how two chairs could share practically no traits in common and yet still both be recognized as chairs – Plato created…

Death’s Door – July 2018

Hello my Hellions, and welcome to Death’s Door. Don’t even bother wiping your feet on the mat this time around. The blood runneth over. What an absolutely insane summer it’s been for death metal. So great that we’ve had to eliminate a multitude of records from our monthly list because…