Sludge metal is a genre that’s really grown since the early part of the millennium. Ever since Mastodon broke the scene open for the mainstream, it’s been an upward trend, and some fantastic bands have come out of the scene, particularly out of the south. Iron Whip are a band from the Atlanta area who play some killer sludge that’s like a mix of hardcore music and dirty, sludge. Today we’re super stoked to host the brand new video for “Kicking A Hornets Nest”, which you can check after the jump!

The vocals are almost hardcore-style, but the music is absolutely killer. The main riff has been constantly been repeating in my head since I first heard it. It’s the kind that will make your neck ache from headbanging so much. I can just imagine how great this will sound in a live setting, which is the true test of a good band. If you can have the same impact, or better, live, then you’ve struck paydirt, and I believe Iron Whip are about to get there. This is a great song and video, and I really hope this helps them get more exposure so they could be on some amazing tours in the near future. Be sure to hit up the band’s Facebook for more info regarding their new album Absence Of White and upcoming tour dates!


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