Helmet are legendary in the music scene, and have been making great music for the better part of 25 years. Ask any band in the hard rock and metal scene today, and you’ll be hard pressed to find at least one band member who doesn’t say they enjoy them. This is more evident than ever on Meantime [Redux], the new album consisting of the band’s legendary album of the same name. The entire album is comprised of bands from all walks of metal covering the album front to back, with a few extras thrown in for your listening pleasure. Today, we’re happy to provide you with TWO of the songs from the record, played by Sunflo’er and The Glorious Rebellion, which you can now stream below!

In addition to these two killer acts, there’s also appearances by Meek Is MurderFuck The Facts, and Rosetta, which just shows the breadth of artists that were influenced by the band in one way or another. There’s been compilations like this before, but none that cover so much ground as this one. In addition to the 10 tracks from the actual CD, there’s a handful of other songs that are there to please any casual or die-hard fans of Helmet.

This is definitely one of the coolest compilations that I’ve ever had the pleasure to jam, and it’s definitely worth your time to pick it up. It’s great to see the scene come together to celebrate such an important act in music, and it’s even better to know that it was done right. These songs aren’t just straight covers; they’re covers in the band’s native tongue, so to speak. I love stuff like this. It makes me happy, and this record will surely do the same. Preorder the album here, because it’s sure to be a banger.


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