It’s been said around these parts before that we’re in a uniquely vibrant era of metal. Spoiled by the vast riches of content available, everyone has their favourites. Destrage are one of mine. Simple. The Italians make music capable of sticking the goofiest fucking grin on anyone’s face. They also have premier talent across the board with a vocalist capable of everything and all, guitarists who actually have twenty fingers and rhythm so tight it lost circulation and dropped off a long time ago. Can the first single of their incoming LP stand up to the beautiful Are You Kidding Me? No. Yes it abso-fucking-lutely can.

The wacky riffs and spills that made “My Green Neighbour” so infectious are back from the set off. Everything sharp as ever, the Primus style slapstick at the start blends with more clean, curious guitar interplay. It’d be safe to say that percussionist Federico Paulovich is in for the adulation again too. I struggle to think of another drummer as playful and precise as this man. His kick patterns and staccato fills spray all over the track, slowing down only for the interruption of a knuckle dragging Southern coated riff midway through. The famous interplay of these musicians is as impressive as ever, if not as unpredictable as certain parts of AYKM?N.

What I like most about this band is that they play a type of music that I have ignored majorly for most of my adult life. Someone as primordial as me in terms of my particular tastes in music – not a big progressive guy. Destrage give me everything I need from that world. The main hook in this track is probably good enough on it’s own to scratch my prog itch. Like a classical Italian sculpture, the composition is flawless and doesn’t lose an ounce of energy. It brings to mind the final Chariot album and it’s balance of space and a busy, busy sound. The vocal/riff synch in that hook is outrageous. It has no purpose being that jaw dropping.

This is a joyous piece of music from Italy and I’m praying to the forces responsible for it. Prayers full of gratitude. The big major key lift and final passage tie up in a classically prog manner. Dream Theater can eat a fat one. This is what warms that cold part of any stubborn metal troglodyte. “Symphony Of The Ego” is fantastic and this block of text has been dedicated to exploring that statement. BUT. A Means To An End just gets even better. Laughably so because the first released track is superb as is. Get set for more of this majesty and a considerable amount of curve balls too. The Destrage hype train is about to start rolling. Go catch it.


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