Hey! Listen to Hollow Earth!

Fucking hardcore. It’s great. It’s crunchy, chaotic, and beautifully ugly. It’s ready to knock out your teeth with one well-aimed fist and send you sprawling into a bloody heap on the ground. You just can’t beat the likes of Converge, Trap Them, or Great American Ghost; they’re just too good at what they do. But when I come across a hardcore band that can go toe-to-toe with any of those latter bands, I pay attention. Dearborn’s Hollow Earth is one of these bands, with a sound that is surprisingly singular in a scene full of bands that can sometimes lack a real musical identity, and a host of incredibly talented musicians behind it all.

The Sword Prepare for Warp Speed

For those of you who are fans of The Sword, which in my encounters have been few and far between, they have recently announced pre-orders are now available for their newest album Warp Riders, which will be available on August 24. I’ve been a fan of theirs since Age Of…