Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

14 thoughts on “Russian Circles – Guidance

  1. karlo Reply

    nice review, very well written. despite the some what underwhelmed impression its left with you, im still keen to check it out when it’s released

  2. Eliza Reply

    I guess this album is not an ideal place to start if I want to get into the band, right?

    • Eclecticore Reply

      Probably not. I’d say the best places to start would be either Geneva (my personal favorite) or Empros (the best representation of their sound over the past 3 albums). That said, they don’t have anything near a bad album in their discography. Even this one is still pretty decent, but it just doesn’t do a ton that their previous two albums didn’t already do.


      • Eliza Reply

        Thanks, I’ll remember the advice.

        • JMH Reply

          Empros and Memorial are my two favorites, and this is where I’d suggest the unfamiliar to start.

          Brian Cook’s membership/contributions to the band’s at this point sound are beyond “the new guy in the band” phase, so the bass tones are way thicker and fatter here than previous releases. Same can be said for the ambient/synth/drone elements–or rather, they’re not so much “elements” as they are a measurable chunk of both album’s material. And right along side of all that pastoral beauty, there’s plenty of burly gut-punches and their renowned blend of rhythmic agility and brutality. And to my ears, the mixing/production on both of these albums are way more immediate and expansive; it’s the closest they’ve come to capturing their live sound on tape.

          And if there’s at least one singular moment that’s made “Memorial” noteworthy, I point you to the last track on the album the (main title track) with Chelsea Wolfe’s guest vocal–fucking cool as hell.

  3. JMH Reply

    New to this blog. You guys have a nice thing going here–a site that focuses on information and writing. No click bait shite.

    For anyone out there seeking those slow builds, lots of tension and release, gigantic swells and violent collisions in their “post rock/instrumetal/drone etc etc…” check this out.

    It’s a long one, but it’s so worth it.

    • Eclecticore Reply

      Thanks for the comment, and welcome! Being a clickbait-free zone is exactly what we’re going for, so we always appreciate it when others take notice of it. I’ll definitely check these guys out. Sounds like something that would be up our alley for sure.


  4. The Master of Puppets Reply

    Review the new Thank You Scientist Album.

    • Eclecticore Reply

      We’re on it, trust us.

      • The Master of Puppets Reply

        Great! And also Dan Swano’s new album on Witherscape :D

        • Eden Reply

          I’ve been looking at that. How is it, in your eyes?

          • The Master of Puppets

            I think if you like your Melodeath with some prog elements, it’s a good album. I think it’s also better than their first. I personally don’t think it’s as good as the best Edge of Sanity albums though such as Purgatory Afterglow and obviously, Crimson.

          • Eden

            Well, Crimson and Afterglow are fucking masterpieces so :) I’ll definitely give it some time, from your description it sounds like I’d like it. Thanks!

  5. Terrence Reply

    I’ve had a few listens to this and tend to disagree with this review. Guidance is delivered with such confidence and conviction, that I was too busy enjoying it to be concerned about where it fit in the rest of their discography. That really is the litmus test for me, especially when bands like Neurosis have settled on a similar sound for a few albums and then organically incorporated other elements on subsequent ones. Even on first listen, this has a substantially different ‘feel’ to Memorial and the production is especially strong (I’m surprised you didn’t mention Kurt’s excellent work here, which is their best yet imo). For all the comparisons made, nobody actually sounds like Russian Circles and I think this is still the case more than ever with Guidance. Anyway, I enjoyed the well written review.

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