I love getting weird metal in my inbox, and one of the PR dudes I work with always manages to dig up some truly great weird stuff to send me. However, this time around, I got something that was less weird but still just as great. The band he sent me, Dischordia, is a band that’s very difficult to describe, but still play pretty cool music that combines elements of djent, death metal, and black metal, plus some tinges of experimental music. Today, they’ve chosen us to host a brand new song called “The Curator”, and you can check it out below!

The stuff is pretty interesting. It’s definitely not the most experimental thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s extremely interesting and catchy. At times, the vocals could be shifted in a way that would better suit the music, but it’s a minor fault in a great track. I’m super stoked that we had the chance to premiere this. It will scratch the itch of any extreme metal fan, and if you like bands like KralliceGorguts, or any of their contemporaries, you’ll enjoy this a lot. Be sure to check out the band on Facebook for more great music and other info including upcoming tour dates!


4 Responses

  1. karlo

    never heard of these guys before, but that was fucking dope. loving the bass and groove they’ve got going, it has a real funk vibe to it in my opinion. ive been crying out for a death metal band to have that kind of groove and this may be the one haha – looking forward to the album

  2. Q

    If the vocalist had more of a range this band would take a huge step forward. Amazing grooves but he kinds brought it down.


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