I’ve seen Kambodsja‘s name floating around my inbox and Facebook for a while now, but I honestly never paid them much mind. It’s simply me always meaning to check them out without actually doing so. Sometimes things come up, and unfortunately, the band were on the bad end of the stick. However, I have recently been able to give them my full attention, and I found out that they’ve been making some really awesome music. In a cool turn of events, they’ve chosen us to host a brand new, 360-degree music video for their song “Name Among Dead”, which you should check out below!

Norwegian metal never ceases to make me happy. These dudes are on their third album (with their fourth to be released in the fall) and they sound great. The song is like a weird combination of hardcore, and some classic metal stuff. It’s extremely hard for me to adequately try and describe, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I also have a hard time describing bands like Gorguts and Hexis, so that goes to show that sometimes it’s not always important to describe them, but simply to state whether or not they’re a solid band. Kambodsja are a band that you should be aware of. Don’t do what I did and sleep on them for so long. Go check out their back catalogue and be sure to keep your ear to the ground in regards to their upcoming album. Be sure to check out the band’s Facebook for more info about the new album Stranger and upcoming tour dates!


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