It really looks like there’s a lot of great new material coming out of the humid haze of North Carolina lately, this time in the form of some savage deathgrind. If you like your songs short and sweet but ultimately oppressive and nihilistic, then you’ve got it right here with Lesser Life, a savage quartet who have just released another excellent and concise EP. Bone Deep & Numbing takes a lot more influence from brutal death metal than their earlier (and more blackened) releases, and there’s even some sludgier moments to help break things up too. While Lesser Life doesn’t really want to commit to any particular style of extreme metal, they’re unquestionably dedicated to putting out whatever’s the most intense possible idea at the time.

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What’s their not to like here? Featuring a more robust sound than most grindcore bands out there, due to the death and blackened influences we cited above, Bone Deep & Numbing is a beast of a release. The band will also be embarking on a quick East Coast run later this month in support of this release, which was mastered by none other than Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, a million other bands). If you’ve got a chance to catch this band on one of their eight dates they have planned right now, do not miss your chance!

In addition, the band has been streaming Bone Deep & Numbing over at, but they’ve also just made it available on their Bandcamp page today! Head on over here and get your skull bashed in; it’ll be a great way to kick off your weekend, we promise. Check out their slick tour poster below and tour dates!





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