Nothing beats some great sludge metal. Bands like Mastodon and Baroness always seem to scratch that itch for me, and I never get tired of jamming their stuff. It’s a very simple genre to get into, mostly because it’s filled with tons of bands with great riffs and heavy rhythm sections. Druids are a band coming from Iowa, and while the state isn’t really known for sludge, they’re on a mission to change that. They have a new album dropping soon, and we’re fortunate enough to premiere the debut single off of Cycles Of Mobeum, entitled “Firemares”! Check it out!

The stuff is pretty great, and has tinges of Mastodon and early Baroness all throughout it. The production is extremely crisp and cutting, which is not something I’m used to hearing from this type of band, so it threw me for a bit of surprise. However, once you understand it’s what the band was going for, you’ll be all about it. What they’re doing is trying to make sludge metal even more fun, and they’re well on their way. Follow the band on Facebook for more updates and be sure to pick up their new album when it drops here!

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