Welcome back to The Soul Curator, our latest feature. The way it works is this: we choose a daily action, routine or challenge and recommend a playlist to make it that much easier. Last time, I kicked things off by talking about driving music. I recommended a variety of styles but most of them could easily be defined as metal; something about going fast and metal just clicks. However, this time we need something else entirely. When you’re going farther than just a drive, even if you’re still using a car, you need music that both excites you and paints a broad canvas, putting your mind in the mood to explore and breach borders. Our chosen tracks do either one and even if they’re not strictly metal, they’re all geared towards that fullness of soul that the road bequeaths us.

Thus, we have an interesting mix of emotions and themes on this playlist. We kick off with some classic progressive rock in the form of Wishbone Ash. If “Blowin’ Free” doesn’t make you dream of open fields and wide roads, then you’re already lost. Feeding into this more relaxed vibe, I chose the excellent, wanderlust-infused version of “America” by Yes. The lyrical themes are of travel themselves and so this tracks fits perfectly. If you’re hungry for some metal, you can find it at the end of the list, in the form of the masterful Metallica track, “Wherever I May Roam”. No expalantions needed here, I believe. Make sure you don’t miss the Devin Townsend tracks from Ghost however, as their calm demeanor belies a turbulent and heady feeling of homesickness, wanderjahr and adventure.

And there you have it! This playlist should get your eyes scanning the horizon, looking for the next mile to devour. There’s plenty more I wanted to include here but didn’t: retrowave, post rock, progressive metal and more are amazing genres for expanding your hunger for new places. There’s nothing quite like wandering a new city with Perturbator blasting in your ears for example.


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