The Protomen are legends on the stage. Not just big attractions, but straight-up legends. They collectively command a powerful presence on stages of any size. From gargantuan theater stages to medium-sized rock clubs, The Protomen will metaphorically light up wherever they plant their legs and get crowds of any shape and size moving, ready and willing to fight the good fight with their engaging theatrics and synthy 80s tunes.

That was the case to close out this year’s April at Reggie’s of Chicago, where the band played a sold out show to roughly 400 people in the mid-sized venue. Fists were in the air as the band asked the crowd members for help in battle through their fetching displays and bouncy music. This show was extra special, as it was the last stop of their tour with the extremely pop-punk Math the Band, who dominated the stage with an intensity only known to youths who hate their parents and the small towns they live in. To round out the night was the super psychedelic Big Syn and lady-led Psychic Nurse!

Grab photos of the show below!

Psychic Nurse

Big Syn

Math the Band

The Protomen

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