Akron natives and Heavy Comp Is Heavy alums A Sense Of Purpose proudly tout themselves as “False Metal” on their Facebook page. This alone is just about all you need to know to determine if you’re going to appreciate A Sense of Purpose or not, which is a blessing more than a curse; the band are lighthearted and self-aware of their place among the metal spectrum, aligning themselves among the contemporary metalcore scene where Periphery, August Burns Red, and Erra reign supreme.

Songs across their new EP Zoetic are built upon a foundation of chunky rhythms, upon which the band weaves some surprisingly dynamic guitar work and more hooks than you could imagine out of an EP from a band of this size. Not to misuse the word “progressive” here, but the songwriting on display pulls from a forward-thinking mindset that allows the band to explore a number of great ideas in otherwise standard-length tracks, each one offering a its own experience.

And despite it’s designation as an EP, Zoetic is a half hour in length, just as substantial as any entry in the Veil of Maya discography in terms of playtime experience. If you’ve got a half hour to spare, we’re proud to present the colorful Zoetic in its entirety below ahead of its release this Friday, May 6th:

If you like what you hear, follow up with A Sense Of Purpose on Facebook and pre-order on Bandcamp.

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