We’ve written recently about NJ progressive death metal outfit Binary Code and their upcoming sophomore album Moonsblood, which will be their first release in 6 years. Anyone who’s followed the band closely in the past few years knows that the long gap between releases was anything but intentional, but up until recently they’ve been almost completely mute about the causes of the delay. Shortly after Binary Code guitarist and songwriter Jesse Zuretti began dropping hints online that their new album would officially be coming this year, I asked to sit down with him and talk through what exactly happened, what got them to this place, and what fans can expect now.

Zuretti touched on many topics during our discussion – far too many to fit into a single video – but we mostly stuck to the arduous process of putting Moonsblood out and why trying to release through a label ultimately didn’t pan out for them. In essence, despite the completed album being in their hands in late 2014, as soon as a label showed any potential interest in working with the band to release it, they were beholden to the increasingly harsh economic realities of the modern music industry. He explains that labels can’t afford to take risks on small bands anymore, and the time simply was never right for them to come up with the resources necessary to press, distribute, and advertise the album up to the label and the band’s standards. At a certain point, the band realized if they ever wanted the album to see the light of day they would need to take matters into their own hands and do it themselves.

Despite the incredible frustration and potential damage it did to the band during that time though, Zuretti states that he and the rest of the band are as optimistic as ever. They’re proud of the album and are excited for their fans (old and new) to finally hear it. Of the music itself, he states that it’s a perfect middle ground of where the band was when they started and where they plan on going from here on out. Most importantly, he claims that he isn’t angry or bitter about the process because it was an important learning experience, one that will make himself and the band much stronger and smarter moving forward.

Moonsblood is out May 24th, and you can pre-order it through their Bandcamp.

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