Believe it or not, central-western New York’s own Oneonta has a cool yet relatively small music scene up there, thanks to the vastly diverse students who attend SUNY Oneonta. About a year or so ago, a local college house turned their temporary humble abode into quite the intimate house-venue crossover DIY venue, called Cop Frat (and if you didn’t know about it, now you know). This past weekend, Cop Frat held a massive grindcore/power violence show in the tiny basement that’s no higher than 6 feet 5 inches, including the house band (so to speak). Opening the show was up-and-coming Thætas, and awesome enough, this was their first ever show. Having no preconceived notions about this band, it’s safe to say that the band made their first show their bitch. The small and intimate crowd was absolutely digging what Thætas were shelling out, having these songs be heard for the first time ever. Following was previously mentioned house band, Blame God. Having being a band for 6 months, they can definitely get a crowd moving pretty quickly and getting quite rowdy, no matter the size of the venue and/or crowd. After Blame God was Haagenti, who share a member from Blame God. Haagenti, who seldom play shows since their drummer studies at SUNY Oneonta (which is quite aways from their hometown on Long Island), manage to stay technical as hell yet keep the crowd entertained. The future looks bright for them. Concluding the night at Cop Frat was bondage-grind legends Pink Mass, who describe themselves as “Pansexual pervert punk grind, conjuring the unholy powers of sex, Satan, and violence to destroy the ears and genitals of Earth’s human filth,” and it’s pretty accurate. Pink Mass are one of those bands where someone tells you about a grindcore band who perform in bondage gear, you just HAVE to go see it for yourself. You gotta admit, it’s pretty impressive when bands wear masks while performing, but wearing full-on bondage gear that covers your whole head while performing in a sweltering hot basement is just a whole other level of spectacular/expert/skilled, etc. Enjoy the photos below!


Blame God


Pink Mass

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