Experimental music is sort of my go-to when people ask about all the weird music I listen to. I think it’s always interesting that I show bands like Swans and White Suns to people and they wonder how I could get enjoyment out of them, when in reality their sheer excess is what really makes them so enjoyable. The same goes for Yardsss, a band that sounds like a weird mix of Swans, post-rock, and orchestral music. Their upcoming album Granfalloons is going to be super awesome, and if you don’t believe me, you can hear for yourself by streaming “Granfalloons II” below, and give yourself a taste.

The orchestration is what really makes this song. It’s not nearly as harsh or abrasive as no-wave or other experimental noise or drone projects, but it definitely has elements from those genres that appear throughout the song. From the opening chord until the vocals kick in, right up until the middle of the song where everything collides like a massive supernova in space and the song has tons of stuff going on, you definitely go through the motions with this song, but in a good way. There’s even some cool female vocals in it reminiscent of the old Jarboe collabs with Swans. The album itself is just as good as this song is, so if you like it, you should definitely pick it up. Be sure to head to their Facebook and stay up to date with everything related to the band, and pick up the new album when it drops on Bandcamp!



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