There’s always that one band in every city that seldom plays shows, and when they do, they’re very, very important. Although Brooklyn has a few kinds of bands like that, on the night of January 30th, 2016, a band of legends came together and played a song or two, or a lot. Opening the show was the ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble) String Trio. Their set consisted of one piece composed by Mick Barr, and another piece by Giancarlo Scelsi. Although they were slightly out of place at the show, the trio absolutely killed the two pieces, and the crowd wanted more. Following was Yellow Eyes. They brought the true (“trve” for all you black metal nerds out there), raw black metal sound, and it was great. The most interesting part of their set, however, was their drummer, who just kept staring at the crowd with dark, almost soulless eyes while playing blast beats the whole time. Yellow Eyes put on a great performance, though. Concluding the special night was Krallice. The only words that come to mind about their performance are “enthralling, mesmerizing, infatuating (reason being, their set was only about 45 minutes long, everyone wanted to hear more).” If you ever have the chance to see Krallice, do it. It will be worth every single penny. Words don’t even do their live shows justice. Enjoy the photos below!


Yellow Eyes


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