Young bands need new ways to stand out and make an impression. In genres that get increasingly oversaturated with bands, that can be extremely difficult. Just ask any deathcore band that tried making an album after Whitechapel blew up. Valleys is a North Carolinian metal band with a new album on the way, and a pretty difficult one. The band are already beginning to go the way of the concept album and write and entire album based around a main character by the name of Asylum who battles with multiple personality disorder. Quite an undertaking for such a young band. Fortunately for us, the band is letting us host a new single from their album, entitled “Choices”. Check it out!

“Choices” is a song that is part of the whole, so surely it will work better with the overall album. With concept albums like this, it’s hard to take individual songs out ofthe mix and release them, but bands need press. The song itself is definitely a grower, but has gone from a song I listened to every now and again to a song that I’ve been spinning regularly, mostly because of how catchy the cleans are. In regards to the album, vocalist Jayson Mitchell had this to say:

We wrote this album as a concept on Multiple Personality Disorder because we understand how devastating this disease can be on the individual and his/her family. We wrote these lyrics and music as a way of hope for the people diagnosed with this disease. We want them to hear the record and hear the story of Asylum, the main character, and see that if he can fight the disease, anyone can.

It’s also worth noting that the song is dedicated to their late vocalist Mikey Clement who passed away on Friday. We at Heavy Blog Is Heavy are no strangers to sudden tragedy and understand how difficult this must be. We want the band to know that we give our condolences to all his friends and family and hope nothing but the best for everyone. The band said that releasing this video is what he would have wanted, and it takes some strong individuals to push forward so soon in the wake of tragedy. They had this to say about Clement’s passing:

Many of you have heard and seen the news that we’ve lost Mikey Clement. Early in the morning of February 5th, Mikey was the victim of a horrific car crash, one that took his life. Today, we lost more than just a bandmate, we lost a brother, a son, a friend, an all-around tremendous human being. Everyone here in VALLEYS have been by each other’s side, and at the side of the Clement family. We have seen the outpour of support and love from all of our friends and fans, and we thank you. All of your comments have been extremely touching and have helped us to stay strong in our time of need. On February 12th, we will have our Experiment One: Asylum CD release party. This show will also be a big tribute show for Mikey. We need all of our fans and friends to come out and show love for not just VALLEYS but for Mikey. At this show, VALLEYS will be joined by many of our closest musical friends to part take in guest vocals on stage. We will continue to move forward, that’s what Mikey would want. We will see you on February 12th. And to Mikey, in death, you will see the light. Keep that flame alive up there buddy. Until we meet again!

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more updates and be on the lookout for the new record when it drops later this month on February 12th.

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  1. hensu

    really digging this. avoids being generic where most bands fail. clean vocals sound similar to Finch. will definitely check out the full release. horrible story to hear tho, rip


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