Welcome back to HPIHC! This week we get pretty real. We cover new music from Norway’s folk extravaganza Skuggsja, the symphonic tech death ridiculousness that is Shadow of Intent, and the new Ulver album. We talk about happenings of the week, including David Bowie’s future posthumous work, Tidal’s “accidental” charging of $20 to inactive users, and “misogyny in metal” articles. If that wasn’t enough, we get even more political, talking about how politics are delivered via metal. Then, we discuss the exact definition of prog metal, and we finish with a “balls deep” on Pain of Salvation.

Episode 14: Remedy Cast

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Key & Peele – Keanu

The Saxophone: A Heavy Blog User’s Guide

No More Mr. Tough Guy: The Issue With Machismo In Hardcore

Persefone – Spiritual Migration

NYN – Into the Maelstrom

Eden’s review of Dream Theater’s Astonishing

Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

Molotov Solution – The Blood of Tyrants

No Sin Evades His Gaze – Filth (we actually like them, seriously!)

Lamb of God – 11th Hour

Gojira – Adoration for None

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak




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