Five years. Five long damn years is how long the wonderful people of Long Island patiently waited for the return of Long Island’s most popular melodic death/progressive metal bands. Opening the show was Consonance, and they’ve been quickly making the rounds here on Long Island, and having recently releasing their EP entitled Autonomia, the band have been pushing forward and playing shows whenever they can. Following was Cryptodira, and they have become a household name in the Island’s prog scene, rightfully so. With a mixture between some old songs and a new song in the set, Cryptodira just keep on progressing on all fronts, song-wise and live performance-wise. After Cryptodira was Moon Tooth. Like Cryptodira, Moon Tooth have also become a household name in the music scene on Long Island. Moon Tooth are a powerhouse of a band, they keep on grinding and grinding to no end, and they just keep getting better and better. Their new album, Chromaparagon, is a must-listen for 2016 when it comes out on February 4th. Finally, Painted In Exile concluded the night with a sold out crowd and a wonderful set to make up for their 5 year absence. Anyone and everyone who have been a part of the music scene for a long time know who Painted In Exile are and know their importance. Seeing them perform for the first time in 5 years made it feel like it was around 2009 all over again. Enjoy the photos below!



Moon Tooth

Painted in Exile

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