Welcome back to Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about new music by Borknagar and Sikth, the leaking of the upcoming Sunn O))) album, old music by Ayreon, and have an extensive conversation about Dream Theater, where we go through their discography and talk about how people perceive them. Eventually, we get into digitally edited guitar recordings (half-speed and note-by-note) and the toxic culture of violence in live shows. Enjoy, and check the songs we talk about after the jump!

Episode 6 – The Cast That Stumped Them All:

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Borknagar – The Rhymes of the Mountain (not “Winter Something”)

Sikth – Behind the Doors

New Sunn O))) album

Ayreon feat. Anneke

The Gathering

Dream Theater’s 12 Step Suite (including The Mirror as a prologue)

Jordan Rudess interview

Our editorial about women in metal (Part 2)

Lorna Shore – The Absolution of Hatred


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  1. Nayon

    I think bands can definitely be responsible, as Randy Blythe was tried for the manslaughter of that kid in the Czech Republic – he was found not guilty but because it was deemed an accident. If it was deemed that he encouraged it, it could have been considered his fault. Many bands nowadays say to mosh responsibly or discourage certain kinds of moshing, and there’s footage of bands stopping playing when they see a fan getting injured so that the crowd can escort them to safety.

    I think the bands are definitely responsible.


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