I really love Native Construct‘s debut album Quiet World. Seriously. We even got them on our podcast last week. Well, the progressive metal outfit have a new video for the stellar opening track of Quiet World, “Mute”. So you have no reason not to check them out!


The video is mostly in the vein of a typical playthrough, but it’s well shot and edited, and there’s a neat surprise near the end when the song reaches its climax. It’s neat to see the energy of the guys and put a face to the music. The song is of course excellent, and it’s just a taste of what else the album offers, and the album as a whole is one of my favorite releases of the year. They’re also currently on tour with Between the Buried and Me, Intronaut and Enslaved, so go check them out live if you can (dates here).



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  1. adam mcgayguymillan

    Yo yeah I think Native Construct will pull off the Coma Ecliptic style better.. Coma Ecliptic was fine but didn’t love, I’m grabbing this cd today, looking forward to listening to it. Also I love that you said two peas in a pod hahahahhaha clone high?


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