On November 21, 2015, The Acheron in Brooklyn got to host some punk and powerviolence legends. Opening the show was Slav, a local crust punk band. Between the whole band wearing leather boots and the vocalist’s incoherent yelling, you know the band means pissed off business. Great way to start off the show. Next up was NYC Headhunters, and they brought the heavy. Although their set was quick (or at least felt like it was quick), the band definitely got their angry point across in no time. Following was Boston Strangler, and by the name alone, you know it’s gonna be a good show. It’s always fun to see a good ol’ Boston hardcore/punk band in NYC, because there’s just something about the Northeastern hardcore/punk scene that’s very special. Finally, the mighty and influential Infest performed their 4th NYC show in their career, and it was such a memorable and chaotic show that left The Acheron in shambles and everyone in physical pain.

All in all, the show ruled. Enjoy the pictures below!


NYC Headhunters

Boston Strangler


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