If you’ve been reading this site for more than a few months, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that Heavy Blog has been going through some pretty big changes in the past year or so. We completely redesigned the website and have been pretty constantly tinkering with what sorts of content to deliver to you all. And although many of these changes have reflected our own personal and evolving interests and commitments, we also have been under the belief that many of these would ultimately also be in service to you, our readers, as well. At the end of the day nothing we do here means much of anything if you all aren’t reading it and taking or gaining something from the experience.

So with that in mind, we come to you today with our first ever reader survey in hopes of getting a sense of how you all really feel about what we’re doing and how we’re running things. We want to know how you’re reading us (through social media, on mobile, or through RSS if anyone still uses RSS — this editor does, for instance), what your actual user experience is using our redesigned site, what sort of content you’re enjoying the most and what you’d like to see more of, and a few other miscellaneous things we’ve been wondering about. It should only take a few minutes, which we know is a huge commitment when you’ve got a million other things on the Internet to wade through in the time you’ve got in between doing other things, BUT we trust that you all who have stuck with us will use this opportunity to help shape the future of the site.

Take the Heavy Blog Reader Survey HERE

I cannot stress enough how much this survey means to us and how much we’re looking forward to your feedback. We’re at a pretty critical moment in the ongoing history of this site right now where we could go in several different directions in the coming new year, and your responses could absolutely shape our thinking. More importantly, we have always prided ourselves on having a close relationship with our readers, and this is an effort on our parts to further foster that relationship and hopefully make this place the best it can be for all of you. We realize there’s an absolute glut of websites and blogs and deal with heavy music and metal content, and we want to give you every reason to come here specifically.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading us and for taking the time to fill out our survey. You may now return to your regularly scheduled cat videos.



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