They say third time’s the charm, but I like to believe we’re always charming. There were a bunch of cool new releases that we talk about this week, including Sikth, Good Tiger and Haunted Shores. We also listened to some older stuff, which you can check out after the jump. We then talk about accusations leveled against the Slaughter to Prevail frontman Alex Terrible. We then jump into a discussion about whether Spotify is truly harming sales, then conclude with an extensive discussion on imagery in metal and how it affects our listening experience – everything from attire to artwork and more.

As usual, you can listen here or on iTunes, or whatever podcast platform you prefer! And we’re open to your feedback and comments, as we want to drive the content of the podcast so that it’s relevant to the community. Check after the jump for more show notes, including news items we discussed and songs we referenced. We’re continuing with Monday 7AM EST schedule from now on, so set your clocks!

Episode 3 – Images and Words:

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Show notes:

Intro music – Aftermath by NYN

Persefone – Spiritual Migration.

Bloodshot Dawn – Demons.

A Dark Orbit- Floating Intact.

Tabula Rasa from Soen’s Tellurian.

Alex Terrible’s Linkin Park Cover.

Nazi accusations against Alex and his rebuttal.

ICS Vortex folk singing.



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