Happy Monday, everyone! It seems that at least once or twice a week I get emails asking me to cover bands for the website, or pointing out up and coming new bands. Only a handful of those recommendations really seem to stick with me, and it’s probably for the best; too much music can get a bit overwhelming, and will lead to a sensory overload and diminish the quality of everything overall. Fortunately, today I’m here to talk about a band that caught my attention and has stuck with me. Their name is Teramaze and they play some really awesome progressive metal music. Check out the video for one of their singles below!


It’s got some really cool ambient stuff going on, and there’s interesting riffs here as well. Once agiin, AUstralia’s burgeoning prog scene has delivered another gem, and it’s really fortunate to see. The band has released some past material, but it doesn’t click with me like this new stuff does. This is definitely a band that you should have on your radar, because if they can keep improving like this, they will definitely be going places. Their new album, titled Her Halo, was released last Friday, and you should definitely check it out! Head to their Facebook to keep up with the band, and be sure to pick up the album here!


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