You may know NOK NOVUM as a super sweet instrumental act that we back 100% here on Heavy Blog (as you’ll see in our previous posts). But were you aware that band co-founder/guitarist Grant Cooper was also in the filmmaking business?

Cooper is known for doing all the video production for NOK NOVUM, but has also been involved with video production with both Seymour Duncan and Port City Amplification. He’s been a video professional for six years and received his BFA in New Media at The University of Lethbridge in 2009.

Sharing the name of a previous single, the titular ghost farmer is an elderly man who decides to live out the rest of his days harvesting the souls of the dead or, Shiryō (another previous single), linked to the concept of the narrative. Why not, right?

Check out the pitch video below!

Here’s the information we can glean from Storyhive, a site dedicated to up-and-coming film projects.


A somber elderly farmer motivated by loneliness to become a collector of dead souls is about to complete his collection.


Set in the not-too-distant future where souls are coveted by all, Ghost Farmer is a drama/dark comedy about a somber elderly man who has a knack for harvesting the souls of the dead. It’s this collection that helps him deal with his deep loneliness. After years of assembling a catalogue he finally feels as though his search may be over as one of the souls reaches out to him in a way they never have before. At least that’s what he perceives.

You can check out Ghost Farmer‘s official website to learn more about the project, and feel free to vote for the project on Storyhive! You can vote once per day and, should they win, they will be awarded a $10,000 grant to produce the film for us to watch! Voting closes November 9th, 2015, so get in there. Don’t forget to vote daily!

Donations are also being accepted at this time.



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