The past couple of years have been excellent for a new generation of death metal bands, particularly those with more technical and progressive leanings. And even though 2015 is almost coming to a close, there’s still just enough time for California’s Arkaik to remind us that they’re one of the most consistent bands to emerge from Unique Leader’s stellar roster. Lucid Dawn is finally here, and it’s going to rip your head from your body. Now you can finally check out the entire album, which is streaming below!

I jammed the entire thing, and so did our editor Spencer, and we can tell you that this album will absolutely melt your face off. While Lucid Dawn is certainly in line with their last LP, 2012’s massively-underrated Metamorphignition, it’s still a huge step forward for the band. It’s as carefully-constructed as any of their previous work and a lot of the riffs stick to your bones much quicker than some of their earlier material. When you take into account that the band went through some pretty drastic lineup changes over the past few years (including losing founding member Chance Strickland), this is a pretty triumphant statement from the band. We’re excited to see this album take them to new heights!

So what are you waiting for?! There’s riffs aplenty. Get to headbanging, especially if you’re a fan of bands like Deeds of Flesh, old The Faceless, and Suffocation. Buy their merch here!


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