The Black Dahlia Murder hit the road early October in support of their new album Abysmal. Joining them is Florida Death Metal band Maruta, Chicago’s Hardcore group Harm’s Way [not pictured], and high octane punk/thrash crossover Iron Reagan for IndieMerch’s 10th Anniversary Tour.

Maruta and Harm’s Way did a great job at getting the crowd warmed up for Iron Reagan to hit the stage with the force, style, and attire of an amazing 90’s hardcore punk music video. Their short and sweet songs combined with their energetic stage presence was probably the only thing that could have prepared the crowd for The Black Dahlia Murder. They hit the ground running and didn’t stop for 18 songs with an amazing set list covering all their albums while throwing in a little extra from their second album Miasma, Which turned 10 years old this year. The live sound quality was an absolute joy, which only complimented Black Dahlia’s brutal melodies and technicality. They didn’t miss a note the whole night. The Black Dahlia Murder’s live show is glorious mayhem that is worth seeing no matter how big or little a fan you are.


Iron Reagan

The Black Dahlia Murder

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