Ah yes, Australia! It’s been what, exactly five minutes since we last told you about them? OK, let’s do it again. This time, we have Moon. Who are Moon? I literally don’t know, since it seems like they haven’t existed until the beginning of this month. Boy, am I glad they exist now as their sound and overall vibe is exactly what I was missing this Friday.

Citing sleepmakeswaves and Black Sabbath as influences, these guys grabbed my attention from the get go. The order was tall: take the experimentation of post rock and combine it with the power, directness and intensity of rock n’ roll. I was skeptical right up to when I clicked play and then all my doubts vanish. Join me below the jump, why don’t you?

Where do I even start? This tracks open up simply enough, with those sweet guitars over the crunchy drums. However, near the middle points thinks start to go wonderfully awry: the riffs get heavier and the fuzz on the bass is tasty as all hell. The little vocal notes, a la Blackfield or some other Steven Wilson affair are brilliantly placed. The outro picks up on all of this and flips it by simply stripping everything down, leaving us with chunky electronics, furious drums and the guitars once again crowned over everything before collapsing and leaving us breathless.

Apparently, these enigmas have an album coming out in early 2016 and it’s called The Orbitor. Bring it on.


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