Though they’ve been around since 2011, North Carolina’s Butcher of Rostov have really found a new identity for themselves and are quickly becoming one of the more interesting bands in the state. Though they were known initially as a sample-heavy and modestly-recorded deathcore band with their first release Black Mass, their new lineup and genre shift with 2015’s single “Lieweaver” sounds like a band really coming into its own and delivering a ton of amazing and extreme moments. Comprised of drummer Marcus Smith, bassist Chris Carter, guitarists Robert Rhodes, Jared Stamey and David Deaton, and vocalist Pancho Mendez, these guys are poised to be one of the new bands to look out for in the more technical side of modern deathcore.

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It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly what Butcher of Rostov is in terms of a specific subgenre, but it’s undeniably heavy. In just over six minutes, “Lieweaver” seamlessly between atonal freak-outs ala The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, plenty of Vildhjarta’s polymetric propensities, and heaps of melodeath. Oh, and did I mention the ball-busting breakdown at 4:07? It’s almost comically brutal, but is unquestionably satisfying within the context of the song. Considering the band’s humble beginnings and personnel changes, this recording really sounds like a reinvigorated group of musicians with some of the most musically-demanding stuff to come out of the state’s fairly small scene. Definitely check this out if you like a little shred with your chugga-wuggas.



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