For those who follow the blog and our video output closely, you may recall I mentioned last month that we had an incredible set from post-black metal group So Hideous, but we could not show any of it because it contained all brand-new material off of their upcoming sophomore album Laurestine. You may also know that the band released the first official single from that album, “Yesteryear,” last week, which we thought very highly of. The track is the first of the album, and it’s a real whopper, utilizing all of the tools the band has from heart-wrenching strings, emotionally-charged howls, and gorgeous post-rock instrumentals. We are proud to be premiering a live version of that today, which you can watch after the jump!

Even without the strings present, the group packs a powerful and emotionally-charged punch that does the studio version more than justice. I’ve seen this band perform live a handful of times now, and even though they’ve always been great, this new material has really brought them up to a new level. Do yourself a favor and see them in their upcoming tour with Prosthetic labelmates set and setting (dates below), and don’t sleep on Laurestine when it comes out 10/16. I think it’s going to find its way onto a lot of year-end lists come December.

So Hideous tour 2015


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