Many of our staff members are fans of melodic death metal. There have been some very timeless bands that have done absolutely great things with it, both since its inception in the early 1990s and even up until the present. However, much of the genre can come across as stale, especially considering the impeccable output of bands such as Bloodshot Dawn and Soilwork in the  last few years. Today, though, we are bringing you some really fresh, revitalized old school melodic death metal in the form of Sweden’s very own Archaea, who take a more old school approach. Check out the group’s new record Catalyst after the jump!

After spinning the album a few times, I really enjoy it. The mix of old school speed and thrash metal with the modern melodic death metal sound works very well when the band does it, and I think it’ll feel refreshing to all listeners to hear something that’s been a staple for so long get a little facelift. They are definitely on the right path towards achieving legions of disenchanted melodic death fans the world over, and as long as they continue to experiment and evolve, they can achieve their goals. The band actually recorded this album themselves with their own studio, which is awesome, because that means it will make it easier for them to identify exactly how they want to sound with no interference from anyone else. Hopefully this is just the first of many releases the band has in store for us, because it’d be a shame if they suddenly disappeared! You can follow the band on their Facebook for more updates!

Catalyst comes out this Friday!



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