AT LONG LAST. It’s been in the works for years — at least spotted as an ad in Decibel Magazine in 2013 — and it’s finally here in time for Relapse Records’ 25th anniversary; Virginia-based grindcore giants Pig Destroyer are reissuing their seminal debut Prowler in the Yard, completely re-mixed and mastered by guitarist Scott Hull. The deluxe 2CD / vinyl release will bring the 14 year old record to a modern audience with an aesthetic facelift and will feature a never-before heard track from the album sessions that didn’t make it to the original cut.

Skeptical of new production? Get a glimpse of the remixed “Scatology Homework” below to see how Prowler In The Yard holds up.





I love this record and can absolutely appreciate its importance, but I’ve never really been much of a fan of buzzsaw guitars. It’s good to hear Prowler in the Yard sound so massive. If you feel the same way — or just want to commemorate a classic with a physical copy — you can pick up a pre-order over at Relapse Records. Prowler in the Yard will see re-press on September 4th.




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