We’ve already heard the opening track to the new Cattle Decapitation record, The Anthropocene Extinction, and it rocks. Nah, “Manufactured Extinct” doesn’t rock. It fucking rips. If , by some feat of you being a moron, that doesn’t quite get the juices flowing for you then maybe this will. Noisey got the jump on an extensive look in the studio where Cattle recorded their upcoming Metal Blade album of the year candidate. Get some insider info into how this record took shape and what we should expect from the follow up to 2012’s opus Monolith Of Inhumanity.


Filmed at Flatline Audio in the smokefree environment of Denver, Colorado, this fifteen minute clip contains some snippets of new music and does it sound heavy or what? I love watching my favourite musicians in the claustrophobic environment of the studio, tinkering and toying with the music before it reaches final form. Dave Otero, the producer for this record and Monolith Of Inhumanity, is hands on in the best possible way. He takes on board that every member of the band has their own views and opinions and helps them find the perfect biting point. His previous work with Cephalic Carnage has been documented before and he seems like one of the genuine metal guys out there. With his hands on this record I can’t help but get more and more excited. Monolith… was my album of the year when it was released and, save from The Black Dahlia Murder dropping a massive bomb later this summer, The Anthropocene Extinction will probably top my list this year.



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